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Book Tour Dates, Locations, and Links

FORTHCOMING (all talks in EST)

12 Nov 2020 Gender Arc, University of Amsterdam @ 8.30am EST

21 Oct 2020 Department of Geography, University of Leicester @8am EST

18 Oct 2020 ONE Archives with Cait McKinney, University of Southern California @ 7pm EST

14 Oct 2020 Geographical perspectives on sexuality, gender and race with Bradely Rink, Susan Holland-Muter, Lwando Scott, Caili Forrest, Carl Collison, University of the Western Cape @ 8am EST


9 Oct 2020 Treacey Lecturer, University of Wisconsin – Madison @ 3.30pm EST

30 Jul 2020 “Queer traces in space and time” as part of the City / Data / Explosion Series organized by the art and culture association Bremen in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Initiative Bremen

25 Jan 2020 “A Queer New York” at the Department of Geography, University of Washington Seattle

And more forthcoming!