Announcing the Gender & Geography Bibliography Hackathon: Nov 15th-21st!

I am delighted to share that the Gender & Geography Bibliography Hackathon (GGBH) will take place from November 15th through the 21st, 2015. My own role in this project has involved most of the conceptualization and leadership, especially with the fabulous Laura Shillington of John Abbott College, so that this means so much to see it come to life!

A hackathon is a time when a group of people come together to work on a digital project together, usually by coding and creating content for an app or website. Skills and time involved are minimal and the outcome is a profound source of public knowledge for our various fields, as well as useful training in the citation management software, Zotero, to use our Zotero group (#71378).

We are eagerly seeking faculty, students, and staff who want to take part any time and anywhere during that week in adding to and editing the now 3,000+ large online, citation database of feminist geographic sources. We are particularly keen to have folks contribute books, book chapters, and multimedia citations, and we are completely desirous of contributions of non-English materials. Folks can work on their own or form their own groups. If you are looking for another assignment or are considering offering extra credit to students, participation in the GGBH would be a great learning opportunity and contribution!

Please forward this email to friends, colleagues, and students who may find it of interest. This video below explains the gist of the GGBH: