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Setting Borders and Padding on Images *and* Caption in WordPress 3.9(.1)

This post explains a quick fix for those needing a border around their caption as well as their image.


For those of you who have not been obsessively working on laying out your images since the WordPress 3.9 upgrade (i.e. me as it’s summer–you know this, yes?), I woke up to an incredibly frustrating layout of my homepage (see left).

And look! No margin as this text touches this image! Yeeghads. What is the WordPress world coming to?

I am delighted to share I used this thing called The Internet to ask what the hay was going on–and it knew! Hurrah for the interwebs.



WordPress eliminated borders and padding from their 3.9 upgrade. Why in the world? No idea. But someone has, of course, already coded the Advanced Image Styles plugin which works like a charm with one exception.

I used the AIS …

Repairing Twitter Tools Plugin When It Fails to Sync / Update

My Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress recently stopped updating / syncing with the server. I spent a lot of time reading online forums and found this post by Shekhar Govindarajan to be the most helpful until I found an even easier workaround.

  1. Under Settings in Dashboard, go to Social.
  2. De-link your Twitter account.
  3. Save the settings.
  4. Now re-link your Twitter account.
  5. Go to Twitter Tools settings through the Plugins option under Dashboard.
  6. Choose to sync now at the bottom page.

That’s it. You’ll notice if you delete and add Twitter Tools again it saves your Twitter feed info. The only way to reset the Twitter Tools access to the Twitter server is to de-link and the re-add the account. Enjoy!…