Queer(ing) New York Course Videos Now on YouTube

image-CLAGS-Syllabus-for-Queering-New-York-finalIn May 2013, I taught Queer(ing) New York (CLAGSqNY) at the Center for Lesbian and Lesbian Studies (CLAGS) at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. With over 50 in-person students and over 230 students online, the course provoked exciting conversations with students around the world about the shfiting production of and political economies within lgbtq spaces in the 20th and 21st centuries. The course was and is free and open to the public. No prior knowledge on this topic is required; only an open mind is necessary.

Now I am pleased to share that the course videos have been archived on YouTube and I am posting them below as well as on the CLAGSqNY website. While the course was held in May 2013, you can still take the course via the readings and watching the videos via the CLAGSqNY website as participation in the seminar is and forever will be free and open to the public. Feel to free to continue the coversation via the #CLAGSqNY hashtag. You can also read about my reflections about queering the massive, open online course (MOOC) structure in my recent journal article, Notes from Queer(ing) New York: Refusing Binaries in Online Pedagogy.

A brief description of the course: While lgbtq studies has begun to extend itself to look at rural and other non-urban environments, much of the urban still remains to be accounted for, particularly difference within the city. To truly account for our difference, we must queer the city in the way it normalizes groups and spaces, and New York City is the exciting urban environment to begin within. In this Seminar in the City, we will read work that challenges and queers the normalized histories and spaces of lgbtq life. How can we queer the neighborhood, bar, streets, and bodies within it to tell stories of difference?

Week 1: The City and Bodies within It

Week 2: The Bar, the Institution, and the Space Between – Queer(ing) New York

Week 3: Street Life – Queer(ing) New York

Week 4: The Demise of the Gayborhood? The Rise of a Queered Neighborhood? – Queer(ing) New York