Speaking about Trans* Issues in Fortune Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Fortune Magazine regarding trans* issues in the workplace. I had an incredible conversation with journalist Vivian Giang in the article: “Transgender is yesterday’s news: How companies are grappling with the ‘no gender’ society.” I am deeply honored to be able to talk about these issues publicly, but it’s more exciting to me to know that a major publication outfit is addressing gender fluidity in such a thoughtful, dynamic way. Here’s an excerpt from the end of the article:

With more young people refusing to be put in the binary-gendered box, more companies may follow suit, especially if they want to reach young consumers. The expanded ideas about gender identities are not a passing fad, says Jen Jack Gieseking, who identifies as transgender, lesbian, queer and goes by the pronoun “s/he.”

“The shifts we see happening around gender and gender identities are the opposite of a fad,” said Gieseking, who recently accepted a position at Trinity College as assistant professor of Public Humanities. “If we look back through history, we can see gender non-conforming people. What is happening today is a profound change in society, both for individual and group understanding, and a recognition of a persistent element of the human condition.”

Thanks again to Vivian and those at Fortune!