Welcome to the Gender, Sexuality, & Space Bibliography

bibilog-imageThe Gender, Sexuality, & Space Bibliography has a genesis through my own personal and work history. When I was an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College in the late 1990s, I told a visiting professor that I had what was then a  ‘wild’ idea to do geographic research on–gasp!–gender, sexuality, and space. Without saying a word, she led me up to her office and produced the edited volume Mapping Desire: Geographies of Sexualities (Bell & Valentine, 1995) and slid it into my hands in absolute, reverent silence with an eye-to-eye piercing gaze. I did not understand that the magic of this book yet. I had no idea what it would have meant to not have this book exist when I posed this idea. I am still studying the generational shifts on lgbtq identities, culture, and spaces as the positive, affirming, and non-pathologizing work on gender, sexuality, and space continues to grow. And, most importantly, I had no idea how happy I should be that I had not just invented this idea.

It’s fifteen years since that moment in Clapp Hall. I have contributed one dissertation and a handful of publications (with many more to come! including a book!) to the research on lesbians and queer women,  their geographies, and their experiences of justice and oppression in New York City.

But sharing our work doesn’t end at publications. Academics read vigorously–it’s like our warm-up workout. I’m sharing the bibliography of everything I have ever read or found at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and space as way to share that knowledge base with others. That is why I launched the Gender, Sexuality, & Space Bibliography. For those who want to dig deeper into the work in the Gender and Geography Bibliography that is a twenty+ year effort of feminist geographers.

Enjoy the bibliography but do know it is far from done! Thanks to the magic of Zotero and Zotpress, I can easily and constantly update my Gender, Sexuality, & Space Bibliography.

If you work on Zotero and WordPress, I recommend that you dive into Zotpress. Katie Seaborn who built this plugin did some fantastic work. I’ll be writing more about how to use Zotero, Zotpress, and WordPress in awesome new ways in the future so check back in.