About the Rainbow Heritage Network

In the last month while moving to Hartford and getting settled in my new office at Trinity, I am happy to share that I joined the founding Board of Directors of the Rainbow Heritage Network (RHN). RHN is a national organization for the recognition and preservation of LGBTQ+ sites, history, and heritage. While always one for conspiring with archivists, librarians, historians, and their various home turfs, my collaboration with preservationists and archaeologists is a new endeavor that emerged from my roll in the LGBTQ Monuments Advisory Council of Scholars of the US National Parks Service. I am particularly keen in observing and helping to support the truly wide-ranging and radical representations of LGBTQQTSTSIA life that exist within the US and in relation to the US. I am also devoted to working with the RHN to think about our preservation efforts play a roll in the gentrification and financialization of ours and other marginalized groups’ communities. The RHN’s website and Facebook are up with a Twitter account and site redesign forthcoming.

Founded by Megan Springate and Mark Meinke in 2015, RHN aims to do the following:

  • Facilitate networking among LGBTQ preservationists, preservation organizations, community-based projects, and allies;
  • Advocate for LGBTQ sites, archives, and preservation initiatives and Local, state and federal funding of LGBTQ sites and heritage;
  • Represent LGBTQ communities in preservation circles;
  • Facilitate connections between appropriate repositories and contemporary donors (individuals or organizations) of historical material to ensure continuity of our historical record into the future;
  • Provide resources for the LGBTQ communities and organizations that are concerned about or interested in learning about preservation of LGBTQ sites and heritage.

RHN is open to anyone who is interested in LGBTQ preservation, history and heritage.