About the Author

I am Jen Jack Gieseking, an urban cultural geographer, feminist and queer theorist, American studies scholar, and environmental psychologist. I am engaged in research on co-productions of space and identity in digital and material environments. My work pays special attention to how such productions support or inhibit social, spatial, and economic justice in regard to gender and sexuality. I am Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky, where I teach courses on digital studies and queer geographies. My first monograph, A Queer New York: Geographies of Lesbians, Dykes, and Queers, 1983-2008, is now out with NYU Press.

I have also been conducting research on trans people’s use of Tumblr as a site of cultural production, and a hub for co-produced health and medical knowledge. I am also working on a second book based on the data I gathered from the multigenerational interviews and mental mapping exercises along with old and original archival to more closely examines the role and reproduction of and resistance to settler colonialism and racial capitalism in urban lesbian, queer, and trans lives and spaces. Specifically, I am keen to address the practices that work to define lesbian-queer-trans life in and beyond dyke bars and queer parties, namely through activist zaps and organizing, gender expression and styles, kinship and friendship, and sex and desire.

I have held fellowships with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as German Chancellor Fellow; The Center for Place, Culture, and Politics; The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies; and the Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellows Program. I am the Managing Editor of ACME: International Journal of Critical Geography, the only fully OA jounral in geography. I contributed to writing and reviewing the National Parks Service’s LGBTQ America: A Theme Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History. Jack identifies as a woman, and a lesbian trans butch queer at that, and uses they and he pronouns.

You can reach Jack Gieseking here via their contact page or on Twitter at @jgieseking.