About QIS1 in 2014


The Queer Internet Studies conference (#QIS2014) brought together thinkers, makers and doers in a workshop format who draw upon social scientific methods to do work at the intersection of queer life and the internet. Taking Samuel Delany’s (2001) call for lgbtq contact and networking to heart, we seek to bring together researchers who investigate the construction of queer communities, the development of queer knowledge production and cultures, and assess how queer identity is understood and archived. This workshop was geared towards fostering scholarly, activist, and journalistic opportunities for digital technologies and queer storytelling and visualization. We looked to identify existing projects as well as suggest future collaborations of writers, scholars, and technologists interested in possibilities for supporting the development of the queer internet and queering the internet. The conference took place on Friday, April 4th, 2014, at Columbia University in NYC. For more details, click here.


We had an amazing line-up of artists, activists and academics participating in the QIS workshop to share their work and generate discussion. For more info, click here.

Marie Cherry
Rachel Corbman
Hadassah Damien
Jessie Daniels
Jacob Gaboury
Maggie Galvan
David J. Phillips
Bryce J. Renninger
Kalle Westerling

About the Organizers

Here’s our flashback bios from 2014 (note: Jessa actually hasn’t aged so it’s fair for her to use the same photo)…

Jen Jack GiesekingJen Jack Gieseking is a cultural geographer and environmental psychologist engaged in research on co-productions of space and identity in digital and material environments, with a focus on sexual and gender identities. S/he pays special attention to how such productions support or inhibit social, spatial, and economic justice. Jack is working on her first book, Queer New York: Constellating Geographies of Lesbians’ and Queer Women’s In/Justice in New York City, 1983-2008. Jack is New Media & Data Visualization Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital and Computational Studies Initiative at Bowdoin College, and holds a Ph.D. in environmental psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center. She is co-editor of The People, Place, and Space Reader, with William Mangold, Cindi KatzSetha Low, and Susan Saegert which is forthcoming from Routledge in spring 2014.
Jessa LingelJessa Lingel is a postdoctoral research fellow at Microsoft Research New England, working with the Social Media Collective.  She received her PhD in communication and information from Rutgers University.  She has an MLIS from Pratt Institute and an MA from New York University.  Her research interests include information inequalities and technological distributions of power.  A California transplant to the East Coast, Jessa is currently located in Boston.