We will soon have an amazing line-up of artists, activists and academics participating in the QIS2 workshop to share their work and generate discussion. Click on each name to see more about their work below!

TL Cowan Oliver Haimson Adrienne Shaw Carmen Rios
Mia Fischer Mitali Thakor Shaka McGlotten Katherine Sender

T.L. Cowan is a writer, performer, activist & professor. She is Assistant Professor of Digital Media Cultures in the Department of Arts, Culture & Media at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, and the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. She is also an organizer with FemTechNet (Feminist Technology Network) and the Center for Solutions to Online Violence (CSOV). Her academic work focuses on the cultural and intellectual economies and social lives of trans-feminist and queer grasroots performance (in the broadest understanding of performance). Her first book, entitled Poetry’s Bastard: The Illegitimate Genealogies, Cultures & Politics of Text-Based Performance, is under contract with Wilfrid Laurier U Press.

PictureMitali Thakor recently joined the Sexualities Project at Northwestern as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and is affiliated with the Anthropology Department and Gender & Sexuality Studies. She recently completed her PhD from MIT’s Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, & Society (HASTS). She is interested in research and teaching in the fields of Digital Media Anthropology, Feminist STS, Queer Studies, and Critical Surveillance Studies. She is involved with activism and peer education on sexual violence, harassment, relationship building, and self-care.


Oliver Haimson is currently a PhD Candidate in the Informatics Department at University of California, Irvine’s Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. He is conduct social computing research focused on social media, online identity, and gender in the context of life transitions. He is a recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a Rob Kling Memorial Fellowship, and a Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship. He works with Dr. Gillian Hayes in the STAR Group (Social and Technological Action Research), and he is also part of LUCI (Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction).

Profile photo of CarmenCarmen Rios is currently the Digital Editor at Ms. magazine, Social Media Coordinator for the Feminist Majority’s She Wins We Win Campaign to elect HRC president, Community Director and Feminism Editor at Autostraddle, and a Contributor at Everyday Feminism. Her successful work for over eight years in digital feminism—as a writer, social media maven, and activist leader—has earned her the titles of “digital native,” “intimidating to some,” & “vapid and uninteresting.” Her words have been published by BuzzFeed, BITCH, ElixHER, MEL, & Feministing, etc., and she is part of a forthcoming print anthology about young feminism.

Image result for shaka mcglottenShaka McGlotten is Associate Professor of Media, Society, and the Arts at Purchase College, State University of New York, and Doris and Carl Kempner Distinguished Professor (2016-2018). His recent chapter “Black Data” in No Tea, No Shade: New Writings in Black Queer Studies is just out. He is the author of Virtual Intimacies: Media, Affect, and Queer Sociality, and coeditor (with Dána-Ain Davis) of Black Genders and Sexualities.



Photo of Mia L FischerMia Fischer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver. Working at the intersections of critical media, sports, queer, trans and surveillance studies, her work has appeared in Feminist Media Studies, Sexualities, among other venues. She is currently working on a book manuscript based on her dissertation “Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State.” Her larger teaching and research interests revolve around questions of social justice, specifically how mediated visibilities of marginalized communities impact the material realities of those communities, principally in terms of their access to national belonging and U.S. citizenship. Other research interests include critical analyses of the militarization of popular culture and sports.

Adrienne Shaw is an Assistant Professor in Temple University’s Department of Media Studies and Production, a member of the School of Media and Communication graduate faculty, and author of Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture. Her current primary project is the LGBTQ Game Archive.


Katherine Sender is professor of media and sexuality in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. She has most recently been a professor in Media, Film, and Television at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and previously, was associate professor at the Anneberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in gender, sexuality, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer representation. Her research areas span television, audiences, creative industries and cultural production, marketing and consumer culture, and globalization. Her current research project focuses on sex museums as sites to investigate transnational sexual mobilities.