Our Queer Lives and Spaces (OQLS) Project Launches Today!

Today we are launching the Our Queer Lives and Spaces (OQLS) Project! 

OQLS is a living archive that affords lgbtqtstsiq people a space to map and share their stories online through mobile devices, multimedia, & web and geospatial technologies. In other words, anyone can text, call, or type in her/his/zee’s own stories from anywhere in the world and it will geocode to one giant, queer map. Hashtag: #OQLS.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join!

To enroll: 

  • Option A) Call (617) 286-5071. After a welcome, press 2 to create an acct & leave an audio story.
  • Option B) Send an mms (picture message) or an sms (text message) to: vojo@vojo.co Include a description of the picture. Yes, you can send an mms or sms to an email account!

To post to OQLS:

  • Option A) Send a sms or mms (text and/or picture message) from your phone to oqls@vojo.co
  • Option B) Call (855) 450-3621 to record your audio story
  • Option C: Or use our website: http://vojo.co/en/groups/oqls
  • Remember to give some information about you, where you are, and the year of your story!
  • Note: If you call from an iPhone, it will not geocode your location so that either Jack will geocode it later or you can login in to your new vojo.co site and add it yourself

Some more background on OQLS: This project is a long-term dream project of mine (Jack). The technology did not exist until just recently and given our field trip today, I could not imagine launching OQLS with a cooler group of people! You do not need to attend our field trip to dive in. Just follow the directions above. 

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