First Class Follow-Up: About Cities and the Bodies within Them

Good morning, incredibly awesome participants in Queer(ing) New York! Thank you so much for a riveting first class! I am especially thankful to Kalle Westerling and Jasmina Sinanovice of CLAGS for their ceaseless social media and tech support during the class–these are the awesome people who were chatting with you on Twitter and in the live stream chat window.

If you are just getting started, you can watch the first seminar video here. Continue your comments on Twitter with the hashtag #CLAGSqNY or just keep chatting on the in-class thread here, and the first comment includes a chat history from the online folks watching during the live stream.

To continue to keep this open, online registration will stay open throughout the class. Sorry that more in-person seats are not available but the physical room is already bursting!

Thanks again for an awesome first class! Your ideas about the readings and responses to them were inspiring. – Jack

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