In a Mapplethorpe.
Fotografie Berlin – C/O Berlin Visual Dialogues.
Jen Jack Gieseking CC BY-NC-SA 2011.

Jen Jack Gieseking is a cultural geographer and environmental psychologist engaged in research on co-productions of space and identity in digital and material environments, with a focus on sexual and gender identities. S/he pays special attention to how such productions support or inhibit social, spatial, and economic justice. Jack is working on her second book project, Queer New York: Geographies of Lesbians, Dykes, and Queer Women, 1983-2008. Jack is New Media & Data Visualization Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital and Computational Studies Initiative at Bowdoin College. S/he has held fellowships with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as German Chancellor FellowThe Center for Place, Culture, and PoliticsThe Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies; and the Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellows Program. S/he is co-editor of The People, Place, and Space Reader, with William Mangold, Cindi Katz, Setha Low, and Susan Saegert which is just out with Routledge.

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