Space for Theory III (Nov 2019)

Winter is coming (up north first) so that many among us aim to keep the fires of our minds at full flame. Thus, Space for Theory III will continues the project between UK, UW-Madison, and UMN geography faculty and students to read and discuss theory for theory’s sake. In other words, SfT is a space to read important but less popular / out of vogue theory, without necessarily having to think having to think through how these ideas relate to your work or to the discipline and disciplining of Geography. Registration is now closed but I hope many of you will get to hear about and share from our conversation soon to happen there in further chat to come.

Organized by Jack Gieseking, Arun Saldanha, and Keith Woodward, SfTIII will gather at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis all day on Saturday, November 16th, with time for conversation and other artistic activities, wanderings, and meals. Readings will include psychoanalytic works by Frantz Fanon, Melanie Klein, and Julia Kristeva, and PDFs will be provided shortly. Jack, Arun, and Keith will also provide short readings to introduce participants to these theorists and their key arguments and biographies. No previous experience with these authors or psychoanalytic theory (out focus of this year) is required. Space for Theory previously met at UK and UW-Madison, and was founded in 2016 by Arun Saldanha, Anna Secor, and Keith Woodward.

For those who wish to follow along, the readings are freely accessible here: