LBQT*S Dating & Hookup Apps Study

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The popular story is that lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, and sapphic (LBQT*S) people primarily connect and find community online due to the intersection of the pandemic, rise of social media and smart phone usage, and the closure on LBQT*S spaces such as bars, festivals, bookstores, and coffeehouses. However, many scholars of gay men’s bars have shown that many bars not only encourage but thrive upon these apps usage in their bars. The majority of the research on dating.hookup app and site usage does not address the experience of LBQT*S people. Studies of LBQT*S experience online are significantly fewer in general, and few have examined how this group connects online beyond social media. These trends inspire a series of questions that I am investigating in my new research study! Woohoo!

  • What are the specific experiences of LBQT*S people in online dating apps, i.e. dating and hookup apps, from a larger survey *and* interview approach?
  • What are the larger dating app ecologies by LBQT*S people that shape their everyday lives? And to what ends?

For more about why I launched the survey and interviews that will follow, and what I’m finding, check out these blog posts (with more forthcoming):


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