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For those arriving from Feministing and/or Salon, welcome! I encourage you to wander around the site. You might especially be interested in a Gender, Sexuality, and Space Bibliography I have building for some time. I am … → 28 August, 2012

Today the NYTimes provided an incredible example of how they and others like them have the power to reorgazine space, time, and power through the geographical imagination. The newspaper labeled photographs of Michael Bloomberg’s two Victorian … → 3 October, 2007

This remains my most popular blog post(!) even though I wrote it over nine years ago. For those interested in my current and more comprehensive thinking on the geographical imagination, check out 2016 my encyclopedia entry … → 15 September, 2007

Welcome. My name is Jen Gieseking and I am a geographer and Ph.D. Candidate in environmental psychology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. The primary purpose of this blog is to work through … → 15 September, 2007