Updated OA Readings & New Page: Pedagogy

Firmly behind the practices and policies of open access (OA), I have used the fantastic Sherpa Romeo which allows for searchable publisher copyright policies & self-archiving to determine which of the possible versions of my published work that I am able to post online. Finally, it is all pdf-ed and posted! Hurrah! I encourage all academics to take advantage of Sherpa Romeo and share their work as well. Many thanks to the incredible Jill Cirasella (@jillasella) for introducing me to this site and its wonders.

You can find links to those works either under my CV or Publications. If you find something of interest not listed there, feel free to contact me directly via the information listed here.

Last but quite the opposite of least, I finally had time to think through a proper page on my framework and experience in regards to Pedagogy. I’ll be blogging more about pedagogy as well, namely in regards to the way I see spatial intelligence and research as practice informing learning and the development of critical thinking skills.